classypersian (classypersian) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for some volunteers+ question

With all the bootleg posts going around, I think it's time to do an updated plush guide, not that any of the ones we have here are bad, but since some of them were made, bootleggers have improved. :( so far I got j_ule to add some pokedoll info once she gets the time, but if someone would like to work with her, I'm sure she wouldn't mind ^^ I also would like for someone to add some pokecenter plush bootleg signs too! If anyone would like to team up with each other to research that's totally fine by me! Credit will be given to all those who contribute :) which is why I changed the title XP I got a lot of banpresto facts but if anyone knows something that I haven't put, or if I made a mistake feel free to tell me :) email anything you would like to add to and I will copy and paste it :D

now for my question

Does anyone know what kind of material was used to make this Halloween pikachu? It's a little softer than velboa so I was thinking fuzzy? The "fur" is slightly longer than some of the velboa plushies I own
When I pet it up, it really does look fuzzy XD

Also, does anyone know what fabric bootleggers use? This can apply to all brands, pokecenter, bapresto, etc I can't wait to hear from all of you wonderful ppl \(^o^)/
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