Tori (bat_bow_tie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Team Rocket cosplay!

I was wondering if anybody might be interested in my Jessie of Team Rocket cosplay =3
I need the money for some other cosplay items... and I know that I'll never wear this one again, so I figure I should let it go to someone who WOULD wear it =D

Now keep in mind that this is ONLY the SHIRT AND GLOVES. Everything else turned into material for other costumes =x haha...

Heeere's the shirt..

Aaaand the gloves...

And here's a small picture of how it looks on =3

Okay! So that's that =3 If you're interested, I'm only asking $20 for it! =D

One more thing. I only accept paypal ^^

But yeah =3 Let me know if you're interested! Now's a good time to start thinking of who you want to be with Halloween coming up ^_~

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