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First Packcage FromJapan package! (Picture heavy)

I had been nervous about using FromJapan and items getting lost, but everything went smoothly and came super fast! Everything I am super excited about. Especially one item in particular that I have been searching for since I joined ^_^

Onto the pictures!


Kawaii UFO Venusaur plush! I love this plush so much ever since I first saw it. I got 2 of them ^_^;
One is in fairly good condition but has some wear on the flower and very minor staining, and the tush tag is frayed. The other one appears to be in almost perfect condition. I got one to display and one to cuddle with :3
They are great plushes, I love how venusaur's flower is actually stuffed compared to being some sort of flat fabric material.


I couldn't resist and picked up a Kawaii Blastoise UFO as well. He's from ebay. I love how they did the eyes on all these plushies, he's little stubby arms are cute too :) He seems to be slightly loved, but he actually has his hang tag and it is in perfect condition, so I am contemplating removing it and reattaching it to my mint venusaur.


Next is the battle Colosseum Diorama. When I first saw thus figure I didn't know it had a solar(hyper?) beam, most seem to come off and be lost. This one was mint in box :)
I am glad to have one with the beam. It's a really neat figure :)


This one is a strap I sort of bought on impulse. But I'm glad I did, it's a nice little figure with good detail. I really like how round his face is and his larger ears. One of the things I really like about venusaur is how he is depicted so differently in each figure and plush.


DX Kid!!! It's so adorable. This is my first DX kid, for some reason I was expecting it to be hollow on the bottom like the regular kids, but it's not. Which I really like.


Here it is next to the XY kid :)
His legs move slightly, which is kinda awesome.

This is everything I got from FromJapan. I didn't want to go to overboard as tempting as it was, so I tried to keep the order kind of down. But I am really happy with everything I got and the service is great!

I do have a few more things that are not from FromJapan I wanted to show as well


I got the Tomy pose figure from ebay as well. It was in pretty bad condition when it arrived, it had dirt and pen/paint marks all over him, and the white on his nails and teeth was badly chipped. I wish I had a before picture, but I carefully cleaned off all the marks, and painted over the chipped areas. He looks pretty good now if I do say so myself :)

This figure is one of my favorites, it;s a lot bigger than I thought it would be, it's legs and flower are movable, and I think it is just a fantastic sculpt too. Unfortunately, I know little about it, except that it was released during FireRed and LeafGreen along with Charizard.

and finally...


I finished my sculpture of the pokedoll.  It was a good exercise, because I am not used to making simpler, smoother objects. Very happy with how it turned out. He is hanging out with the rest of my venusaurs now :)

Well, that's it...for now :)

Thanks for looking!
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