chesneymew (chesneymew) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My collection/wants

I've never posted a photo of my collection, since I didn't have one before. But here is my efforts of one month of collecting. There are a few plush that are not in this picture, well only two, so this is pretty much my whole collection.

So help me grow my Mew army! I'm looking for anything Mew, but especially looking for plush. There are two that I'm currently specifically looking for, and will pay out the wazoo for and those are:
-The Pokemon Center Fluffy Mew
-1:1 Talking Mew

I'm also looking for the Dragonite Kawaii UFO plush
EDIT: Adding these wants to the list: Mewtwo Kawaii UFO plush and Red Genesect UFO plush
Tags: dragonite, genesect, mew
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