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Funnel Cake: Amber you need more of me on here. I don't care if you already have about six. You need more.
Wait. What are you doing with that package? Don't throw that at-

Funnel Cake: I hate you.

Funnel Cake: This is a welcome change from all of those annoying things you've been getting for Malaria's side.

Funnel Cake: You must be this "Corn Dog" Amber was talking about. Why are you upside down?
Corn Dog: I... I have trouble standing up straight.
Funnel Cake: :|

Funnel Cake: So if your name is Corn Dog, then where is your stick?
Corn Dog: Um...

Funnel Cake: At least I've successfully taken over this part of the desk with that other creepy sculpture gone at the fair. I hope it does bad since Amber didn't enter my sculpture...
Amber: Um... It kinda got a blue... ._.
Funnel Cake: May I remind you how much I HATE you sometimes?
Tags: collection, giratina
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