Crazy Grimer Lady (crazygrimerlady) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Crazy Grimer Lady

Permanent Sales Post

Hello all again!


I have decided to post a permanent sales here on the comm so that my sales are better protected by the comm rules and such. :3

Sales permission given by Allinia on March 2013

*I am not currently open to trades*
I accept Paypal
I will hold for 48 hours
I ship from Washington state USA
I can take better pictures when asked. :)
Shipping domestically in a box is about $5.80 w/ tracking, $4.12 in a bubble mailer, and about $2 for flats in a bubble mailer.
Shipping Internationally in a box starts at $16.15 and can go up depending on location. In a bubble mailer it is $6.50 and can also go up depending on location.
Payment is due 24 hours after committing. No exceptions!
A negative will be given if payment isn't received within the time frame.
ALL pkmncollector rules apply.

^^ lj was being stupid and wouldn't let me copy my pictures over so everything is here at the moment.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone has a good summer!
Tags: blastoise, charizard, corphish, duskull, electabuzz, gastly, kyogre, pikachu, plush, sales, venusaur, xerneas
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