Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Owner Update!

Hi comrades!!!

Long time no mod post from me. Actually, as members who've checked the mod info lately know, I have not been an active moderator for some time now, but today I am returning to that job to do some cleaning up and some feedback request!

First of all, PLEASE remember the first rule of this community is that it is a collecting community, not a game news community!. Please do not post random Pokemon game news here. We have let the last few go because we as mods did not put up the discussion posts ourselves, and we want everyone to enjoy, but the next time Corocoro leaks/some kind of big news comes out (especially about ORAS), one of us will make an official discussion post AND sticky it to the top for a few days. We WILL have to delete any other off topic (not collection related) posts.

SALES PERMISSION! We know it is pretty backed up right now, and we are sorry about that! But, your patience will pay off and we hope to get through all of the sales permission requests in the next day.

MODERATOR REPLIES! We know have also been a bit slow. We apologize if you've emailed one of us and have not yet gotten a reply, or response time has been slow. Despite the community mostly being very calm and peaceful this year, all three actively working mods all had major life changes occur all at the same time, and thus, the backup. As these life changes are almost sorted, things should be back to normal response time soon. Again, we thank you so much for your patience!!

The ONLY reason the community has not completely gone to chaos while the mods have been so busy is because you guys are awesome. You follow rules, solve your own problems, act responsibly and maturely and in general, are the best. Naturally there are some troublemakers, and we'll try to help out when trouble comes up, as it's what we are here to do!, but overall you guys are all wonderful.

So in summary, keep posts on topic for me, and we slow mods apologize for slowness and hope to get everything back on track soon. Let me know if you have some other concerns or want to talk about anything, and I will try to help out.

PS... GA rules are now totally up to date!. Thank you to allinia for checking them over and getting them updated!
Tags: modpost
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