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Looking for cards...!

Hey collectors, I'm looking for Eevolution cards! And a few others too. My Wanted list is under the cut!


Glaceon # 5/100
Flareon # 19/100
Glaceon # 20/100

Umbreon # 32/100
Eevee # 63/100
Glaceon X # 98/100

EDIT:: I got some cards! Thank you to those who helped!
Now, to anyone who happens to still look at this post , i'm looking for Kyogre (from Legends Awakened) and Blastoise (from secret wonders) as well. Also, my deal for the Glaceon LV.X failed, and so I still need her.

Yep, i'm running a Water deck! With a side of Electric, and a dash of Darkness. To anyone who is wondering. XD

As for trainers
- Amulet Coin
- Premier Ball
- Roseanne's Research
And if you have some cards you want to suggest to me, be my guest lol.

If you've got any to sell, pleaseee post your price + shipping cost to US (33433). =]

Thanks in advance!
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