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Pokemon Center gets! Blind packaged pins, awesome find, and birthday bonus from the PC!

So I went to the Pokemon Center last weekend for the Japanese Design promotion and picked up a few things that I'd like to share :D It was also my birthday last week so I got a little Eeveelution surprise, and also picked up a post card that's a part of a promo going on for the mega's when you bring in your Pokemon software. Check the cut for details :D

I also found an awesome surprise that Psychic lovers will probably appreciate, and I pretty much freaked out over so check the cut for details :D

Photo 2014-06-09 16 04 01
The front of this AMAZING book cover I found. Exeggutor? Wow, was not expecting to find this but I am so glad I did.
Photo 2014-06-09 16 04 12
The back… !!! Slow and Psyduck (My fav lil pair :D) and Abra?! Hallelujah! Latios and Latias flying like love birds in the sky, psychics galore! I freaking love paper products, I love books, (I have tons of them), I LOVE planners, and I love this cover. I'm going to use it for books until I get my new planner for next year that will fit inside. I'm sure first gen psychic collectors will be just as excited as I was about this little collection of merch.
Photo 2014-06-09 16 26 18
Open with my current read inside. Gengar is sneakily hiding over on the left but may be hard to make out.

More products from this series, each has two types of a pass cases (one with a lanyard), a wallet, and the book covers:
Photo 2014-06-07 18 32 03
Photo 2014-06-07 18 33 37
D'aww! too cute! Too bad the card would cover this cute image if you actually planned on using it =(
Photo 2014-06-07 18 32 17
Photo 2014-06-07 18 32 25
Blind packaged metal pins!
Photo 2014-06-09 16 06 35 (1)
The capsule blind packaged metal badge collections were a big hit and I spent a ton of money trying to get the ones I had my heart set on (and waiting in line). I was pretty lucky with one so I'm satisfied regardless of the status of my wallet. :P
I simply love everything about these badges and I think they'll be really great merch to have on display, a friend mentioned maybe I should frame them, amazing idea for these beautiful pieces.

Zen mode Darmanitan, so cute and I love how unique it is. Joltik! I love this little bugger. I've been meaning to draw him for awhile because he's totally my style and simply adorable! I actually got lucky and pulled the hanging one (Special Edition) almost right away so regardless of how much I spent, I'm grateful for that at least. xD

And to feed my horrible stationary/paper product addiction, this awesome huge memo pad (it's quite thick with plenty of pages to fill my memo taking needs). This pattern from the promo is amazing.
Photo 2014-06-09 16 05 23 (1)
Pages have two different versions.
Photo 2014-06-09 16 01 50
Photo 2014-06-09 16 01 40
Charms! I might get the other set featuring Froslass later, but for now I had to pick up the one with Xatu because, well just look at my DS!
Photo 2014-06-09 16 04 56
Also new Pokedolls came out as well (I guess they changed the tags again?) I know everyones pumped about Sylveon (for good reason because it's adorable), but here's the new version of Jirachi for those who are a fan.
Photo 2014-06-09 16 08 08 (1)
And a little birthday bonus from the PC. Yay!
Photo 2014-06-09 16 44 12
This card is so cute~ It features Sylveon and some other XY pokemon. No Espeon unfortunately though.
And an Espeon crown! :D Apparently you get to chose an eeveelution and they'll give you a crown with that eeveelution featured in the middle with a shiny background. Not sure what I'm going to do with this crown since I have no intention of wearing it and nowhere to put it up for display, but a nice little bonus regardless. :]

My friend also sent me a nice little package for my bday and since she's a Pokemon collector as well she had plenty of little pokemon surprises for me! I love flats and Psychics and I have an affinity for nurse Chansey (and nurse Joy) along with Psyduck who is one of my most nostalgic favorites from Gen 1. She was sure to spoil me with lots of amazing flats! These aren't even all of them, but I can't say thanks enough! ♡
Photo 2014-06-09 17 14 43

Also I know a few have been curious about this Mega post card promo going on so I thought I'd share with you guys the one I was able to get on Saturday. This promo is also featured as advertisement on the back of the Japanese Design promotion flyer.
Basically you bring in your DS and XY Software in to the PC service counter and they'll give you a Gengar in game. Once you get the gengar you get this free Mega Gengar post card depending on the dates (Gengar is finished but 6/9~6/15 is Tyranitar and 6/16~6/22 is Mawile). I'm pretty sure these are only 1 per person and I was able to get mega Gengar before it ended!
Photo 2014-06-09 16 44 47
Back and insides include in game details about the poke itself and tips/tricks.
Photo 2014-06-09 16 44 54
Thanks for those who took the time to read my lengthy post~ I hope it was enjoyable! )^^(
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