Yasmin (pikabulbachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Question about your collection & searching for some flats!

Hello everybody ~ hope you enjoy the super-warm sommer weather! :D

I would like you to ask something about your collections, because I want to re-sort my collections and expand my bug-collection and thinking how to do this! Also because I haven't much place.
Do you collect ALL things came out from your favourite pokemon or only the stuff you like? Do you have your collection for decoration in your home? And then, don't you collect any stuff you don't like? (I by myself for example don't like the old hasbro and play-by-play plushies so I don't want to own them). Therefore I think I will never have a "complete" collection(?)
Do you want to collect only your favourite pokemon or only a special type but cannot do this because of other pokemon or things you like, who not fit in with your collection? :o
For myself its really hard to decide collecting only bug-type pokemon because I also like others - but having only one collection would be better to me U.U
Whats better to collect flats?? I made a folder for all my favourite tcgs and some other cards, also for postcards. But I want to decorate my bug-collection with some flats. I don't want to frame them - cannot see them so good through the glass xD I consider to stick them on the wall oO...how do you do this? Does it gives foils for smaller flats like amada stickers? I only have foils for tcg cards...
Anyone here have posted about those "stairs" for displaying figures...but its longer time ago. I would really interested in those if anyone own them or know how I could buy them, please tell me :3

I'm searching for the following flats:
- Heracross holo boomer sticker
- Amada (or kind of) holo stickers with heracross, caterpie line, venonat line, ledyba..maybe other bugs
- maybe other flats!

Please show me what you have! I can buy or trade!

Thanks in advance for your help! :)

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