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I'm out of ideas ! How could I decorate my shelves ?

Hello everyone !

My collection is beginning to grow. I received 5 Eevee and 2 Sylveon figures in two weeks, and I wanted to post a big collection update to show you all the things I got. But my problem is, I can't find anything to make my shelves look good. Mind my room is really, really small, and my collection is almost my only decorations...

So I have some questions to ask you guys !

1 - How do you organize your collections ?
2 - How do you decorate your collections, especially the background ?
3 - Do you have any idea about a theme which would fit Eevee and Sylveon ? ( For example, my tiny Jolteon square-shaped shelf is video-game themed. There's a little Pac-Man arcade cabinet, Pac-Man and Mario coins candy sticked to the wall, an old yellow Game Boy, a yellow NDS stylus, along with small Pikachu figures all over the place. )

Thank you very much ! I'll post a collection update as soon as I finish to set my shelves up !
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