midnitekitten17 (midnitekitten17) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Holy Moly Pokedoll GA IMPORTANT UPDATE! IMPORTANT shiny-repaints update!

Hello everyone, my apologies for being so inactive lately. Work has been super hectic and my hours just changed from the night shift to the mornings. I'm asking that you please bear with me while I ship out the rest of the packages (that have been paid for), this shouldn't be too hard as all packages are pre-packaged and only need lables printed and the mailman picks them up at my residence for free.

If you are due a refund, please provide me with the name as it appears in your Paypal so that I may issue those back to you in a more timely manner, it gets a bit confusing going through the paypal and having to click a transaction to see who it is and then come back to see if they're one of the ones due a refund and then go back to the paypal (and hope it hasn't timed out).

ALSO, I have received several PM's. I am doing my best to get back to everyone as soon as I can. Today is my only day off until Friday, if I do not get back to you today please contact me on Friday again! Thank you!

Also! Those of you who have commissioned me for shiny repaints, unfortunately with my new hours I am unable to dedicate the appropriate time for these. You have several options here:
1)Full refund of paint price/shiny repaint price and return of your figures at no cost to you
2)Patience while I slowly churn our repaints in my spare time
3)Open to suggestion

If you choose to be refunded please PM me your paypal email as well as your shipping address to speed things up!

Again my apologies for being so behind, I really do want you to get your things in a timely manner, I'm working on it >_
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