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Straight Sales ! (need money > <) + PC Paris sold out :( + Surprise o/

Hi everyone!
As the title mentions, I need some money at the moment :/
Thus, it's time for straight sales!

Click on the banner to be transported to my sales o/

Then a bad news, Pokémon Center Paris is out of stock :'(

"We are sorry! Out of stock - other products (of Pokémon, TCG and Tomy toy) coming in a few days. The Pokémon Center will stay open with its gallery and activities."
The event has been more successful than what they were expecting :O
So finally no pick ups I think, except for Poké Ball Vivillon if you're willing to send your file game ($2 commission)

But let's end on a happy note!
Saturday, weather was quite sunny :)
Thus I decided to go out and take a picture I've wanted to make for some time.
Yeah, Espurr in front of the Prism Tower (or as everyone must have recognized, the Eiffel Tower ^^)

Then I took a look at the Pokémon Center to see if they still had postcards. Unfortunately not :'( But I got a surprise...
Masuda was here o/ I'm really happy to have been able getting a photo with him :)
(But I should have paid attention to Espurr position because here he is hidden by his PokéPuff xD)

Thank you for reading :3

My collection website :

Fb page for my collection :
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