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Epic gets!

Tiny preview

I found a Canadian collector on eBay that was selling a HUGE part of their collection and I was able to grab some super awesome pokedolls!!!!!! I just can't believe I was able to find them!!! ;-; at such a great price!!! They are so rare and expensive that I didn't even dare to put them in my want list and now I own them ;-; I just want to cry of happyness!

The first one I grabbed was Blaziken >< I didn't read the description!! I just bought it!!! D: you can't say no to $35 free shipping ><
I was expecting an American version but no O_O I got the Japanese version!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH TAG!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I waited before paying for Blaziken (just in case) and 15 minutes later I see this cutie O_O I was kinda worried about this one since they made bootleg of it, so I took a sec to check if the tag was ok. The tag ended up looking legit so I bought it. I was kinda glad someone didn't buy it when I was checking the tag >< it was only $40 free shipping D:!!! I still can't believe it!!!!
For that price I was very worried even if the tag seemed legit... but there is an "S" sticker inside of its tush tag :) so I am guesing it's legit?

And this beauty <3 I've been looking for one for quite a long time now ^^ I see them here for sell sometimes, but I never seen the Japanese one with the red star tag which is the one I was looking for <3
I don't really know how much this pokedoll usually go, but it was the same price as Wailord :)

Entei 1
Entei 3
After receiving my Tomy Suicune plush from a trade, I knew I had to get the rest of the beast trio D: they are so well made!!!!! I did a fast eBay search and found someone selling Entei for under $100 (why are they so expensive D:) it ended up being someone from the community ^^ Entei came super fast and in an awesome condition :D
I am only missing Raikou now ^^

Leafeon 1
I found this cutie from the same seller as Blaziken, Wailord and Giratina ^^ SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like a lot more than the US version :)
I also got Espeon thinking it was an older Japanese version, but it ended up being the american version :( oh well. Espeon is now for sale along with my American version of Leafeon.

Next is my Lottery I <3 Pikachu in my room A price Pikachu plush ^^ he's such a cutie!!!! and so SOFT!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I would love to get Eevee to go with him ^^

The tag :)

Raichu 1
HQ Raichu plush! ^^ He's SO CUTE AND CHUBBY!!!!! I've been wanting him since they announced him <3 He's so round and soft <3
Next on my list is HQ Pichu c: (Already have HQ Pikachu and LOVE him)

Riolu 1
My super used Riolu canvas describe as "NEW" chilling on Lucario's head ^^
I was able to get a $10 refund ;-; not too bad, but I wish I could have gotten a full refund...

SHINY BEAM PIKACHU PLUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
I got him of Yahoo Auction ;-; I found this awesome plush for 4500 JPY I couldn't let the little guy go for such a great deal! He's so pretty! He was also a lot bigger than what I was expecting :)

So CUTE!!!!! <3

Thanks for looking!!!

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