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3 Years of Collecting: A Re-Introduction + Collection Update

on June 9th, 2011 I joined pkmncollectors and started my pokemon collecting journey! I wanted to share with everyone my collection up to now and some stuff about me and my collecting history.

My nickname is Herar! I'm 22 years old and I live in Michigan. I am a textile artist and I actually make hats, plush, and many other things for a living (I run a business from my bedroom!). Like most people I have loved Pokemon from a young age, Pokemon Ruby was my HUGE obsession and even now I have more love for Pokemon than I did when I was a kid.
Over the past couple years I have collected several different Pokemon - I started with Drifloon and Swadloon, and collected a lot of others such as Munchlax, Spinda, Snorlax, Bulbasaur, Sylveon, Druddigon, Skyla, and probably a few others I can't remember!
As soon as I started collecting I fell in love with a particular Pokemon: Groudon! I have always loved Ruby and seeing all of Groudon's merch I was so in love with his grumpy cuteness and started obsessively collecting everything I could possibly find.
To this day, I have the largest Groudon collection on the community and possibly in the world? Who knows! I have tons of official merch and tons of customs, and I am still accumulating items.
I collect several other Pokemon as well: Vanillite, Vanillish, Vanilluxe, Pirouette Meloetta, Klefki, Pumpkaboo, Quilladin and Chesnaught. I also collect Pokedoll figures as well as rumble u figures, and have a tiny Steven Stone collection.

Anyway, with my collection anniversary I wanted to show off all my babies. ;u;

Come see my wall of babies!

I keep pretty much everything over here asside from some other items on a different shelf. Groudon is a prominent part of my collection.

Large flat/keychain board for all of my Groudons! I have a bunch of custom arts on there too. <3

The cute bag that devi_white made me for the spring swap. ^w^ sometimes i use it as a purse. Otherwise I hang it here. <3

My pride and joy of my collection, Big Daddy. He's a 4 foot long custom crochet plush made by the ever so wonderful PlutoKiwi on DA.

Pillows! The grey one is recent! Yay! thank you Devi for showing it to me.

I kinda pile stuff behind big daddy on the other side. My bag, Tomy Box, and my scarf that I made forever ago. ;u;

Plush shelves! I have one of every official plush including the ichiban kuji plush as the pokepark plush! I also have many customs including my 2 pink groudons. <3

Here's my figure shelf. Includes tomys, gachapon figures, kid figures, custom sculptures and tons more! I also have a cute pokepark pouch and weather trio bandana. <3

Please ignore the dust. ;_; I need to clean.

My favorite here is the metal figure! It's the only one I have seen so far.

Lots of my favorites here - some pinkies, my grail! the shiny kid figure, and the stamp.

One of two misc. items shelf.

I love the pokedoll tin dearly. <3


I love the colloseum tin and the SP!

My last groudon shelf! Even more Misc items.

The old trozei mug was a super lucky find!

I have lots of cute notebooks. <3


And now.....on to the other book case! We'll start at the top.

Chesnaught and Quilladin collection is obviously pretty recent. Unfortunately I don't like Chespin as much though. :(

Front plush is a cutie! He was made by slothyshroom. He's actually cuter than the pokedoll.

Aaand the pokedoll. actually kinda disappointly ugly. XD

and a another custom! A very cartoony style quilladin! He is very well made and I love him to death.

Pirouette forme Meloetta! I love her to death. It saddens me she never gets new merch anymore, but I am still on the look out for stuff...

Custom valentines meloetta made for me by the lovely sorjei! Ahh <3

Figures everywhere.

a lot of her plush look the same but i really like them! Her hair is my favorite thing. <3

Next shelf is my baby ice creams! I collect the entire line, however I like Vanilluxe the most. I have a LOT of customs because these guys don't get a lot of love.

I made the big guy in the back! I also love the sculpture in the front, made by swadloon. <3

More custom stuff and the adorable pitapoke.

As I said before, my collection is mostly customs! I love everything I had had made for me, especially the valentines vani by sorjei, and the amigurumi by someone on DA. <3

Sorjei made me a vanilluxe bag too! <3

Here is one half of the 4th shelf, my Klefki collection. i immediately fell in love with this guy, maybe because of it's strange inorganic design (much like vanillite)! I don't have much official stuff at the moment, but however I expect to get lots of new things next month when the movie comes out.

Custom plush by puckyducky and slothyshroom! Beautiful!

Mostly custom flat things. <3 Also the pouch i made in the back.

The other side is Pumpkaboo! I don't plan on getting -too- much custom items of this guy but I hope he has lots of official merch in the future.

beautiful pumpkin babies. <3

aaand finally, the bottom shelf! I have all pokedoll figures from the last 2 years of ichiban kujis, as well as a few from older Pokemon Center sets.

Older figures on the bottom.

Kuji sets get the steps.

MIB Regice! My favorite figure. As well as random mew and jirachi pokedoll figures. c:

I won this set a couple weeks ago on YJ. I wasn't actively looking for these ones, however I was so excited to find a complete set that I had to win them.

Mostly eeveelus figures from last year's kuji set.

here's the last picture I'll share! The other side of the room where i keep my games and stuff. Rumble u figures, Steven collection, and also random plush I happen to like.

Okay, I think that's it for me today! ;u; thanks everyone for veiwing and thanks so much to everyone on the community who's ever sold to me, traded with me, and participated in group auctions with me! I have you all to thank for my collection today. <3

Also, one last thing - I need to leave feedback for a bunch of people, so no worries everyone, I will get to it by tomorrow! I have also mailed out all packages for those who have participated in my auctions, or bought from sales.
Tags: collection, groudon, klefki, meloetta, pumpkaboo, vanillish, vanillite, vanilluxe
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