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Quick rainbow colored Eevees auction and updated sales

I added just a few more new stuff so check it out:


On other small news I am still waiting on the demo entries from the judges for the contest. All I need are 2 more and the contest can be set up. And lastly I have tons of new stickers that'll be up for sale soon I just need to arrange them all and hopefully will have them up tomorrow or after tomorrow.

Auctions under cut
Unfortunately the last Glaceon chibi strap was traded off to someone not long ago so it will no longer be available for auctions.

This auction will last only about 2 days and will end on Thurs. June 12th at 11AM Los Angeles time

Rules and information:
Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on July 27th 2013
My feedback link http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/tdotakichan/
All community rules apply
Please read all my rules in my sales before bidding/buying on anything! I cannot remind everyone to read it and I do not force anyone to however if you do not and there is a mishap there will be consequences so you've been warned! I'm more than glad to answer any questions and provide more info. on the products if you ask.

all items except the tin are in great to new condition

Shipping in the US starts at $2.32 and $6.55 outside the US
Please ask for a quote first as shipping can be expensive!
For the auctions any winning bid totals over $45 are eligible for free tracking(please ask to add this before sending payment) and $80 and up get free shipping+ tracking (within the US only)
If you have any questions please ask in the comments section below.

EDIT: JUST AN UPDATE TO INTERNATIONAL BUYERS FOR SOME REASON THE POST OFFICE WON'T LET ME ADD TRACKING TO INTERNATIONAL ORDERS!! Instead of offering free tracking for orders $45 and over to international buyers I will instead take $2 off your purchase.

I did not want to take the clear pouch out of the package but if you'd like to know what it looks like you can see here: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=20z77tu&s=8#.U5ZgnfldWnZ

Edit: I forgot to add a back image on the Sylveon coin purse but it has Eevee on it. If you'd like me to provide an image of it please let me know.

Tags: auction, chikorita, espeon, sales, sylveon
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