allrealelements (allrealelements) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small wants post!

Hi everyone! One of these days, I will post a collection update. I'm waiting on one more box, and then I think my collection will be up-to-date.

For now, I have decided to look for some small wants.

I am looking to buy Pokemon Time bookmarks and TCG coins. If the bookmark is still in the packaging with the figure, and you've just peeked at the bookmark, I might be interested as well depending on the figure. I would prefer to buy multiples from the same seller but am open to buying one or two. I don't mind if they have some wear, but please specify the condition!

My primary wants are the Latios bookmark and the Latios/Latias Alto Mare coin(OBTAINED!), or any coin featuring a 3rd gen pokemon.

I am also casually seeking a Heracross Pokemon Time figure strap, any condition.

Thanks everyone! :)

EDIT: 6/13/14 - Still seeking Pokemon Time bookmarks, and tcg coins that I don't have yet (

tcg coins
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