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I told myself it would never happen. That it was too expensive, out of my reach. Lucky for me, that was a lie.

When I found a Tomy Furret plush for auction on eBay with a starting bid at $14.99, I was floored. I watched the auction for days, and for a while, it hovered at around $16. About two days before the auction ended, the price jumped to $31, and I started having anxiety attacks and nightmares. I had already decided to bid as much as $70 when a MWT Japanese Tomy Furret appeared for a BIN price of $75 shipped.

I immediately and impulsively bought it.

I've been eagerly and impatiently waiting for this beauty to arrive from Canada, and today it has finally decided to grace me with its presence!

I am honestly in awe that I was able to snatch my holiest of grails for such a good price. I got mine for half the price someone is selling their MWT one for on the community, and I was floored when someone was auctioning a used one with a BIN of $300.

I am so ridiculously lucky, and I cannot thank the collecting gods enough for shining down upon me XD

In addition to my Tomy Furret holy grail, my Banpresto Furret MPC that I had preordered back in January has finally arrived, too!

Size comparison to my Furret amigurumi from Geeky Cute Crochet.

Here is a group shot of all of my smaller Furret plushies (since I don't have enough room on my dresser for the larger ones, too):

My Furret beanie was made by Yukamina-Plushies, and my Furret pokedoll was made by LRK-Creations!

When I started dabbling in collecting Buizel, I immediately knew that my Buizel grail would be the Buizel pokedoll. It is my favorite of all Buizel plushies, and I knew I needed one. I was really unlucky at first, because every time I checked sales in the community, they were always gone - this also goes for other Buizel plushies.

So as soon as I saw herar selling one in their sales, I tried to nab it, but nicolarbear already got to it before me. However, nicolarbear remembered seeing a previous post of mine, saying how I wanted the pokedoll, and they gave it to me instead @_@ I nearly cried at the offer because that was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me and I was so touched and happy TvT

I can't believe how many fantastic gets and grails I have gotten!!

Lastly, my Espurr and Male!Meowstic pokedolls from Sunyshore are finally here!

Yeee Espurr is so perfect!! But for some reason I'm not as happy with Male!Meowstic? And I'm not exactly sure why, either. Its a conundrum.

I'm pretty damn excited for my Sylveon pokedoll, though XD

Thanks for reading my rambles! And if you read that entire post, you deserve a virtual cookie :P
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