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Japanese "S" sticker? And some questions.

Helloooo fellow collectors :) (I am in a good mood right now xD)

Today, I got Latias and Latios Pokedolls from the amazing kirstingent in the mail. :)

They are both the 2005 Japanese velboa releases. When I looked at their tags, I found that on their insides, there is a small sticker with Japanese characters on it. It's exactly the same on both Latias and Latios, and this is what it looks like:


Now I am curious as to what this sticker says and means.
Also, do all 2005 Japanese Pokedolls have these stickers? And is this the equivalent to the infamous "S sticker" on early American Pokedolls, and can thus be seen as an indicator of authenticity?
Does somebody also have the Latias/Latios 2005 releases with the same stickers?

That being said, I still have some general Pokedoll/bootleg/tag questions concerning a guide I am currently working on!
But since this is long, have a cut :D

So I am currently working on an advanced bootleg guide with classypersian, and I have decided to work on a Pokedoll bootleg guide. However, there are still some things unclear to me:

1. Until when exactly did the USA Pokeolls carry the red Pikachu tags? I have seen on youtube somewhere someone showing a Kyogre Pokedoll that was apparently from 2010 but carried a red Pikachu tag. However, it was not a fake since the person purchased all their plush directly from the NY Pokemon Center. Either the person made a mistake with the year or the USA dolls carried the red Pikachu tag longer? Please help! ._.

2. I am also confused about the Sinnoh starters. I normally use as a reference the Pokedoll guide from amitysquare, a weebly collection site by a fellow member. There it says that there are only 2006 releases of all the three Sinnoh starters available and that they all have the red star tag (Japanese). When I looked them up on the internet, I saw that they had the red star tags, however, I read somewhere else that they were no 2006 releases but just 2008 releases. This would somehow fit since 2008 was the year of red star tags while I always thought 2006 still had the red Pikachu tags. I am really confused about this and would really appreciate if someone could help me with this!

3. Not exactly a question, but: I need tush tags! :D I myself don't have many Pokedolls yet, but I'd love to have a little variety of different release Pokedoll tush tags in order to show in the guide how tush tags should or can look. I still had a look at the tush tags of my dolls, and already noticed that almost none of them look the same (surprisingly), but I'd love to have a few more. So I'd really appreciate any volunteers who would contribute to a tush tag photo collection. ^_^ (I don't know if I will use all of them in the end, but it's better to have a variety to choose from)

Phew, that was long :D
Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your help ^_^

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