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New gets and something weird

This is like the fifth time I've wrote this post. My computer's mouse does not like me today, apparently.

dazey the slowpoke
This is Dazey the Slowpoke. I made her, myself, by hand, using Plush-Lore's tutorial on DeviantART. I think she's pretty cute for my first plush!
I'm now working on a Skitty plush (I already have the Pokedoll, but there is a strangely massive amount of pink fleece I own, so, when life hands you pink fleece make pink Pokemon) and a mystery plush. What Pokemon is it? You'll see in a future post! Hehe. . .
bee the umbreon
Bee, the polymer clay Umbreon! She has two rings on her left ear because I've just always imagined her like that. Some Pokemon have got to be a little different than the rest, right? She also has an EV ribbon- that was hard to make. It's TINY!
pancake the helioptile
Last up is Pancake the Helioptile. A few weeks ago I spotted a few Helioptiles at Wal*Mart. . . as I was walking out the store ._." So I went back on Sunday and finally got my own (they don't have the Eeveelution plushies yet though, it seems). Helioptile's frills aren't stuffed at all, they're super floppy. -w- I wasn't expecting the interesting pose, but Helioptiles are kind of known for being a lil wacky xD. I thought this plush would be facing forwards but it's looking to the side.

On Sunday I also went to Barnes & Noble to look for Pokemon things. There I saw. . . Trainer's Choice figures. Specifically some single Pikachu packs, 3-packs of starters Pokemon and their evolutions, and remote controlled Piplup figures. I thought Trainer's Choice was supposed to be exclusive to Toys'R'Us, so unless I'm going crazy and this is all an Illusion a Zoroark made, why did Barnes & Noble have Trainer's Choice stuff?! Has anyone else seen this at their own B&N? 0.o
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