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A Most Epic Reintroduction Post

Hello everyone!
So I realize it's been a while since my  last full collection update post (almost a year!) So I figure I'm more than due for a reintrodction, and so without further ado,
Hello! I'm Vulpes_Canis, I go by Vulpes online :) I'm 20 years old (but very soon to be 21!) I'm currently a junior in college working on a major in Art with a focus on Digital Media :> I work as a CA (Community Assistant, it's the same thing as an RA or a CL) when I'm off at school and work at my local school districts records department during the summer. Pretty boring work during the summer, but I often integrate my love of video games into my CA job through programs and bulletin boards during the school year so that's pretty fun! I've been a fan of Pokemon since it first came to the states I think I was around 6 or 7. I technically started collecting Pokemon by collecting a single card of each of the original 151 Pokemon in card form. I still have them all in my collection to this day :) I didn't get into serious collecting until about 4 years ago when I first saw pictures of our fearless leader Denkimouse's collection while searching for Raichu plushies C: after lurking for a few years and expanding my collection through local Anime Conventions I joined the comm and have been a happy derp ever since.

I mainly collect Gen 1 Pokemon as the majority of my favorites are from there! But I have actively kept up with games and have at least one favorite from each generation :) Raichu, Bulbasaur, Cubone, and Jolteon are my favorites. But I also love dog Pokemon (most of them anyway like the Growlithe, Poochyena, and Houndour line) I also love Dinosaur Pokemon :D So Tyrunt and Cranidos became instant favorites! Besides collecting Pokemon and playing the games I sew and draw and craft. Sewing really is a passion of mine and a couple of years ago I decided to try and make all original 151 Pokemon in plush form as of today I have currently made 53!
Alright that's enough rambling about myself for one post, onto my collection!
So Here is an Overview of my collection shelf and well windowsill as you can see I have rearranged quite a bit from my old display.
the left hand corner of my windowsill! I decided to dedicate the windowsill to foxes and dogs. I love all of my plush I even name them all! One of my most prized possessions is my canvas Jolteon Klipspringer she stands on the cow bank and commands over all! Someday I hope to add a Vaporeon canvas to my pile of foxes but until then, Klipy reigns as Queen. please ignore the obvious edit.
On the right side of the sill we find my collection of puppers As well as Denz,and Skipper my I love vees plush. sitting atop the round box is Loki the Banpresto I have been pining after this guy for quite sometime! And after loosing out on him several times he has finally become a part of my collection and I absolutely adore him, Shout out to jen81489 and meloman1a for hosting the GA! You may also notice the extremely adorable button jointed Arcanine, he was made for me by xzeeko as a part of a trade. seriously commission her, I can't express how freaking cute this little bugger is!
Top shelf is Raichu land with a sprinkle of Pikachus here and there. The newest edition here is Momiji or Momi for short the DX I love Pika+
I picked her up from my local anime convention! I was so happy to find her for a really decent price just 38 after tax and no shipping woohoo! Only one table in the dealers room had her and they had apparently only brought 15 of them.
Here's a close up of some of the smaller things that sit on this shelf. Some clay figures I made of a few of my favorites sleeping :) and custom buttons. I actually also got some cute custom pokemon straps from the anime convention but have no idea where to put them right now soo yeah they aren't pictured. Also the tales plush are so flipping cute I couldn't resist! I named the male Bear and the girl Winnie (they look so much like the old Winnnie the pooh dolls I couldn't say no)
Bulbasaurs, Bulbasaurs everywhere! More Bulbasaurs more!!!!
Also Venusaurs ( can you guess who my favorite starter is?) The newest addition is the beautiful pudgy cutie that is the DX Bulbasaur Pokedoll. Her name is Bubbles. I'll be honest I didn't think I would ever own this baby. She has been a secret grail of mine since I started collecting. and thanks to herar she is mine OWO
Dinosaurs dragons and miscellaneous live on this bottom shelf I hope to eventually fill it out with more Tyrunts and Rayquazas :)
Yup still pretty vacant down here but I like it just the same :) Tyrunt is new, his name is Gimley.
To the right of the bookshelf is where my Fennekins live. Kindle the tomy and Kurama the 1 to 1 (side note Naruto is one of my favorite animes! and so consequently my Fennekins all tend to be named variations of the Kyuubi's name from the show :D)
But wait there's more! I recently picked up a pair of scrawny shelves that make for a lovely Pokedoll display! (there is still plenty of room to grow here but for now my Pokedolls only take up 3 shelves.)
At the very top of the shelves my legionaries hangout and discuss how incredibly grumpy they are with one another. Also Yoru the Noctowl because he is in love with Lulu(Lugia) and must be near her always and is also one of the grumpiest grumps to ever grump.
2nd Shelf an electric pair and a couple of Saurs, and butterfree, because where there are flowers, there are Butterflies :)
And last but not least My dark family of Mama Ragnarok(Shadow Lugia) and her sons Fenrir(Houndour) and Vali(Umbreon) also their friends Kyubi(Fennekin) and Ace(Cubone)
I uhmm also have a lot of games.... and anime and manga too, but I won't bore y'all with pictures!
And to finish things off what collection is complete without a couple of cuddle Pikachus? Ears and Pika share the bed with a plethora of other plushies. But they are very happy here :D

Alrighty that's about it for me! Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings! and I hope you enjoyed seeing my collection, I hope you all have a wonderful day/night/week! C:
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