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Intro Post!

Hello~ I've been in here and commented here and there, but didn't have time to make an intro post until now ^^;;
Call me Splash, and although I've played the games for every gen and have been collecting since gen 1, I had a big hiatus from collecting anything after gen 2 gold/silver. But now I'm back and pretty much back into every generation XD;;
My absolute favorite is Charizard, yet ironically I rarely put him on my game team6. I also love Staraptor, Garchomp, Eeveelutions, Ho-Oh, Lugia, legendaries in general, birds, anthropods... TAUROS lol uhhh yeah my weakness for animals in general really gets to me when it comes to Pokemon ahhah.
My major collection vice are my TOMY Moncolle figs, followed by plushies and other misc merch. Unfortunately, a majority of my gen 1 & 2 collection is back in Michigan, which I haven't really had time to come back to since I moved to California a few years back. But ONE OF THESE DAYS I will unite the collection!!!

Until then, I'll just show a couple recent plush gets ^^~

Big 'ol Banpresto Zekrom and Reshiram plushies~ Don't mind all the stuff in front XD;; I had the plush sent to my office since I can actually sign for EMS stuff there.
They came out to be only ~$7 each and they're in great condition with their tags!! But then I got the invoice for the shipping from japan and did a small double take--it was higher than I anticipated, and this is why... XD

For some reason they sent me a Super DX Shaymin Plush with it! I had no idea! lolol. It's definitely more of a pleasant surprise even if it increased my shipping, this more than makes up for it XD; I think I'll keep it, it's so big and poofy!!!

I actually got my grail earlier this year, the largest 1998 Play-By-Play Charizard out there!!

I can't get enough of that giant tongue sticking out rawrrrrr

He's HUGE! Totally makes other Charizards look like dwarves~ I've admired it ever since I saw it in an amusement park back when it first came out, and that was where my friend won the 18" one and sold it to me. XD It wasn't THE largest one, but he had the next largest one and I was super happy with it! And now 15 years later, I finally have that ultimate big one. <3 ~

And just yesterday, I got a new 18" Play-By-Play Charizard for display, since the one I bought off the friend back in middle school for $6 has had... lots of loving over the past 15 years. Admittedly I still sleep with it in my arms on nights when I'm not with my bf *hides*
This is the difference it makes:

It makes me LOL every time
I'm so glad I was able to find one in practically new condition!!! His neck is completely intact, which is hard to find, since most have gone limp... They're stuffed with tiny foam pellets, and my old one has been slowly losing them from the open gaps in the claws... XD;;

I have smaller size PBP Charizards back in Michigan along with the PakiPaki plush... Definitely bringing those back some day!
I'm working on a weebly page but it's embarrassingly under tons of construction right now, so I'll post it later.. XD;
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