raz2b (raz2b) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wanted and Offers~

Hey comm! Just looking for a Siglyph Kid figure for reasons. If anyone has one that's relatively cheap to ship to Australia, do let me know~
As always though, I'm looking for anything crustacean pokemon related (Krabby line, Kabuto Line, Corphish line and now Clauncher line) and older retsuden stamps.

Also a tiny offers post - just some eevee chopsticks.

Least I'll take is $20 each?

Sales permission given by entirelycliched on April 02, 2012.
Shipping from AUSTRALIA. Shipping to the states should be around $3 and includes a little bit for packaging materials.
Offers period end in three days, or when offers die down.
Feedback is HERE
Tags: sales, wants
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