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I'm not dead! But I did finally move!

I just wanted to apologize for not being very active here lately, moving has been SO much work. But everyone know's that. But I finally got my pokemon collection resituated in it's own special pokemon room! come and see :D

And my sylveon collection is finally all properly displayed and I've gotten a lot of new things!

 photo mynewpokeroom185_zpsc8f15beb.jpg

A fullveiw shot! Or the best I could do :) We decided to paint the room a nice purple! And all our plushies we used to have on our bed now hang out on the futon so we can snug them while we play video games!

...Charmander looks a little drunk with his hat and that smile xD

 photo mynewpokeroom165_zps20d76dc6.jpg

Look how sad, plushies in boxes! :(

 photo mynewpokeroom187_zps6249af1b.jpg

Fixed that problem! I was actually really worried that I was going to have to do some major collection weeding, I wasn't sure if everyone was going to fit in the room, I wonder how we got everything to fit in our old room when it was MY girlfriend and I, all of our stuff AND my collection. xD it doesn't make any sense!

 photo mynewpokeroom182_zps78b38ef5.jpg

More plushies! Guys so many plushies! xD I love them all so much :D

 photo mynewpokeroom186_zpsdd22e0e8.jpg

Collection shelves! So proud of these as well :D My Minccinos look lovely and less squished and I didn't realize how big my fox "side" collection had gotten, dang!

 photo mynewpokeroom183_zps428069b6.jpg

Flats and some posters! :) Happy to be able to display all of my flats finally, instead of hiding them in boxes and stuff! I have a weird affinity for flats, they ussually have the prettiest art and things! And they can be so unique :)

 photo mynewpokeroom180_zps65b989c4.jpg

Pokedolls accidental pikachu collection gogoat side collection etc... :)

It's nice to put all my pikachu's together to see how many I have actually, I knew I had a few but they were always scattered! Everyone loves pikachu right? Even if you don't want to admit it :P

 photo mynewpokeroom189_zps26734a16.jpg

My girlfriends charmander and bulba collection :) she's very proud!

 photo mynewpokeroom168_zpsb2d3d6fd.jpg

Big plushies <3333!

 photo mynewpokeroom181_zpsafba2447.jpg

Psykitty gets! Man these pokedolls! The male meowstic is actually for my girlfriend though. I love how they have seperate expressions, ladykitty is so peeved xD And Malekitty wants to be happy but he has to hide it so he only has a teeny tiny smile!

 photo mynewpokeroom169_zps45c5df91.jpg

Now for the real monster! MY sylveon collection. jdsfhjsd So many things xD I had to get creative with displaying. I'll let you guys enjoy :)

 photo mynewpokeroom177_zpsde44f2af.jpg

 photo mynewpokeroom178_zps108ba655.jpg

 photo mynewpokeroom179_zps63a76c1f.jpg

 photo mynewpokeroom174_zps07ebf42f.jpg

Where I keep all my sylveon related towels until I can display them better :)

 photo mynewpokeroom175_zps37fdedf2.jpg

 photo mynewpokeroom176_zps21c7c6c0.jpg

 photo mynewpokeroom170_zps137367a0.jpg

 photo mynewpokeroom171_zpsc18561c3.jpg

 photo mynewpokeroom172_zpsee6445cb.jpg

 photo mynewpokeroom173_zps78c79687.jpg

Also I've just missed all of you guys and I've been trying to keep in touch and comment as much as I can, I've only had internet in my new house for 3 days so xD

Hi again <3!
Tags: bulbasaur, charmander, collection, cyndaquil, latias, minccino, pokedolls, sylveon
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