Ariana Moreno (sandshrewgirl) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Ariana Moreno

Update of Sandshrew Collection!!

Originally posted by sandshrewgirl at Update of Sandshrew Collection!!
button sandshrew collection update zoom in on bottons
card sandshrew collection update shot zoom in on cards
sandshrew cards and figures collection update zoom in on cards figures and bottons
sandshrew figure collection update figures- tomys, stampers, kids, and keychains!
sandshrew plush collection update plushies- play by play, tomy reversible, master ball reversible, battle playset plush, and bell plush!
sandshrew whole collection update collection as whole!

It's been a while since I have visited the community. Thought I would update my collection and share it with you all! I am sandshrewgirl, and sandshrew is my favorite pokemon. I love to collect its merch. If anyone knows where I can find a sandshrew zukon, let me know! I should be getting more stuff sometime as well. Thanks! X)
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