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Hehhehe, after watching this community for a while I finnaly found the courage to post something ^^"
First, a little bit about myself ^_^

I'm a pokefan from Slovenia! I love to collect all sorts of things and pokemon are one of my favourite pasttimes, especialy all water type! I just love Squrtle and it's evolutions! My twin sis, the bulba fan, is up here too! XD

I have been a pokefan since I was small and saw a german episode of Ash and Pikachu meating at Oaks. Then I started to collect everything I could get my greedy hands on. It's so hard to find Poke stuff here in Slovenia, except the games, but they come very late too T_T

That's one of the reasons why my colection is so small, to be thruthfull, I'm very sad ower the fact that I can't find more Squirtle merchandice that I could afford or that would ship all the way to me TT_TT

But now to the fun part! My collection!

My sis found her courage before I did and already posted our whole colection up here ^^
We decided to put them all tougether since they were always in the same spot before  /now we each have our own rooms ^^"/ and they would be sad if we pulled them appart. Didn't want that XD

I took my turtles back to my room later, to give them their own shelf place! XD</div>

My whole Squirtle and it's evolutions collection. It's really small T_T
For now atleast. ^^
Half of them are probably bootys but I love them just as much as the rest!
Look at that Squirtle-in-a-pot's cute face! He's a happy pot-dweller XD
Poor Wartortle is missing his tail and the Squirtle leaning on the pot can't sit normaly. Bad bad booty tail is in the way but he's pose is just so brilliant  I can't help myself to adore him XD

This is a closeup of my favourite Squirtle figure!
He has a roller on the bottom and had a nasty looking nailpolish-like smudge on his head,
luckily I got rid of it with some tishues and now he is like new ^^

All of my waters are protected by the sexy Volkner!
Ok, so he isn't a water gym leader but he's just so cool! XD
I had to print him out 'couse I had no real poster or cards from him T_T
Sis found one for me though! I LOVE YOU MAN! I had her sit with me by the pc till the bidding time for it was ower so
I wouldn't lose it , that took about 18 hours! Hahhaha, sorry about your sleepless night sis ^^"
Hopefully I'll be getting it soon and then I'll be able to display it! *hugs sweetW*

And this.....The most bad made bootyes I have ever seen XD hahahahha
I found them in one of the slovene stores and had to buy it 'course, while being a total waterpoke fan, I'm also a Raichutard and the red one did look a bit like him, not to mention the cute face,  so I couldn't help myself! XD
There was a really bad picture on the tag but it's sadly lost.
I still laugh whenever I look at thise two ^^

That's all for now. ^^

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