princess_snivy (princess_snivy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

First Sales Post- Royal Ravine Sales!

Hello everyone!
I have been working hard since yesterday morning to prepare this post! I finally set up my permanent sales, after being graciously granted sales permission by allinia on 6/10/14!

Click the banner to be transported to my sales!

A few things to note:

~ I AM NOT SHIPPING OUTSIDE THE US AT THE MOMENT. I'm sorry about this rule, but I need to start off slow. I am already nervous about shipping domestically! I know a lot of you live outside the United States, so I will start looking into international shipping soon.

~When it comes to highlights, I'm selling a Vaporeon Eevee Collection plush, Skitty Pokedoll MWT, Mewtwo gashapon watch,many 10th anniversary Hasbro action figures, and much more!

~Haggling is accepted! Please make offers, I need this stuff out of my room.

Thanks for looking, and always feel free to message me with any questions/constructive criticism!
Tags: sales
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