mewisme700 (mewisme700) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Collecction Update


So I got 2 new Pokedolls off my want list for a pretty good deal. Take a look:


Altaria and Corsola! Been wanting these guys for a while. Corsola has the hang tag but it's in pretty rough shape. Love Altaria's soft belly ^.^

Still have to finish making cardboard shelveage lol

That being said, I'd down to the final countdown of Pokedolls I want. Only 2. Oddish and Houndour. Then once I get those guys I'm going to take a break from collecting. Going into college in the fall, so I really won't have much money/time. There's more that I am going to want in the future, but I have obtained the ones that have been on my want list- Im not really trying to collect all of them like some collectors. Oddish is a main priority though over Houndour- If anyone wants to sell me an Oddish (dont care about condition) throw me an offer. Dad trying to find me a graduation gift  :D


And a quick shot of my entire collection. Well, what's on my main wall. I also have 5 giant toy factory Pikas hanging off my curtain rod, lol

full photo

Thats all for now guys :D

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