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Stray Cats, Faries, Ghosts.... n stuff... and Paint

Been a while since i posted an update seeing my collection expand in such little time I've been with the community it's gettin pretty big O.O i do plan to do a complete huge enormous update!! once I get my shelves any suggestions are greatly appreciated but for now a few little moncolle. today a little sunny shore package washed up to my door and inside was...

Honedge is so awesome the hilt and scarf parts are kinda thin and flimsy so he'll stay in the packaging for now i love how the sheath is removable cant wait to see the rest of his line  :p

Klefki im glad that they decided to not have the keys attached and they're even removable! not sure if that's a good or bad thing... don't want to lose them :O

The happy little meowstic couple these i picked up on amazon pretty cool how they just manage to balance on their tails XD I've always liked Meowstic (F) glare reminds me of my own cat... always so grumpy...

I was also wondering for community members that do repaints what kind of paint do you use? do you strip the first coat and apply the new paint?
Thank you in advance and thank you for taking the time to view my long winded post oh and another thank you to all the great community sellers!! without you my collection wouldn't exist it still doesn't till I post it right...?
Tags: klefki, meowstic
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