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collection update+wants!

I've been a member of this community for several days now and some of you probably recognize me from various comments/sales/etc. Today I've decided to show of my collection for the first time! So without further adieu,

My bed plush! Cirrus the tomy froakie, Desiree the kfc/applause dratini, and my unnamed farfetch'd plush (I just got him today and im pretty sure he's bootleg anyway so I haven't named him yet1402587617944)
My (disappointingly small) farfetch'd collection. It's a work in progress and I have several things in the mail, I'll post a new pic once my collection catches up with my orders. We've got a carddass, a coin, and the tomy figure.
The stuff sitting on top of my game cube! PRAISE HELIX! Also could someone help me identify the skarmory coin? I know I got it when I was really young so we're looking at like, 2000-03 here. It definitely came with a figure (long since lost). Under it are a few of my Pokemon ds games (not pictured).
Game boy games! Mostly Pokemon, but a Mario snuck in there too.
My big inflatable poke ball! It likes to deflate on its own though so I have to refill it every now and again ._.
Got a buttload of cards. The book is where I keep one card of each Pokemon as my pokedex, so to speak. Some of my favorite cards include my base set venusaur and blastoise (I'm looking for a base charizard, any condition or version as long as it's base, to complete the Trinity. Let me know if anyone's got one they're willing to sell for cheap!), my prerelease rocket gyarados, my solid gold togepi, and my ancient mew. I've also got a rocket set booster pack wrapper.
The rest of my plush. It was kinda hard to get a good picture of them all from the position I was in, but you get the idea. The only two not pictured are my spiky eared pichu and my huge pikachu pillow (which I actually use as a pillow and is therefore kept on my need). As you can see in the picture, most of them are Jakks, tomy, and/or old. My favorites are my huge meowth Rocket, my Jakks cyndaquil Ty, my bulbasaur Aurelio, and my ambipom pokedoll Pineapple.I might consider selling some of these once I get sales permission, so keep an eye out if you're interested!
This is, idek, like a checklist of the first 150? I've had it forever and it's really beat up but it was right there so I was like why not?
Last but certainly not least, my massive box full of figures. This things full of Jakks, tomy, kids, burger king/McDonald's, tiny rubbery mystery figures, figures with unknown/questionable origins, and a bootleg here and there. Gonna sell most of these once I get sales permission, so look out for that post if you want a good look at the bulkiest part of my collection.
Some Pokemon zorafinn wanted to see.

So now I'm gonna post as list of updates wants! If you have any of these you'd be willing to part with, please don't hesitate to comment!

Farfetch'd banpresto plush
Farfetch'd OFFICIAL Pokemon time plush
Farfetch'd kid
Flats with unique farfetch'd pictures
Base charizard
Greninja zukan
Flygon zukan
Venusaur zukan
Lucario zukan
Lapras zukan
Sandslash zukan
Marowak zukan
Donphan zukan
Relicanth zukan (is there one?)
Gliscor zukan
Archeops zukan
Turtwig plush
Tepig plush
Magikarp plush
Trapinch plush
Flygon plush
Riolu plush
Lapras plush
Sandshrew plush
Cubone plush
Phanpy plush
Relicanth plush
Gligar plush
Archen plush
Torterra zukan
Typhlosion zukan
Sceptile zukan
Emboar zukan
Omanyte plush
Edit: one more thing that's kind of an odd request, I've seen a few pictures of the new Pokemon kokeshi note pad that includes farfetch'd on it, and I was wondering if anybody that has it would be willing to send me one sheet of paper from it. It could just be included with something else I buy from you our whatever, I just want one sheet.
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