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auction reminder; sales; looking for...

Hello, pkmncollectors!
Just a reminder that the auction in my sales will be ending on the 14th!
Loveable, jumbo Shinx and darling, female Pikachu!
No bids on either items. (probably didn't advertise it too well at the beginning) x_x;

You can click any of these to go to the post~! :D

 photo 6ca7a78b-9744-4484-b070-254d01732a8d_zpse980c295.png
I also have an awesome deal for Plusle/Minun current and future collectors.
An instant Plusle and Minun collection! The entire lot is up for grabs. As well as some interesting plush, like Jakks Lugia, here.
 photo b8d35298-bd32-4b61-b220-10bcb03fcb71_zpsc12b51f0.png photo 71fcfca6-d186-4b2f-93e4-2bc44b72089d_zps475412d4.png
I hope you'll check it out. ^_^ The sales will help me gather monies for collecting (hopefully) from the upcoming Onemuri Pikachu promo.

Speaking of collecting, does anyone have a sleeping Pikachu kid for sale or the sleeping Pikachu figure for sale? I really need one. ;-; plz
Hoping to spend less than $5 for either.
Here's what they look like:
 photo 14c2e344-4af0-4b5b-9cf6-7452529e9bd6_zpsf5178865.jpg

As always, show me your sleepy Chus and Pumpkaboos. XD
Thank you!!
Tags: auction, bulbasaur, lugia, mewtwo, minun, pikachu, plush, plusle, pumpkaboo, sales, shinx, snorlax, sylveon, wants, wartortle
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