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NW Pickups!

Hello everyone! I am going to NY on Monday to celebrate Father's Day/my sister's birthday/my high school graduation (which is today!). I will be offering pickup slots for NW until Sunday night~

Click the cut for rules, pricing and slots!

(Artwork by the fantastic fluna_daiyunel)

-Sales permission granted on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched
-Pickups permission granted on July 24th, 2012 by denkimouse
-Feedback is here
-I ship from Rhode Island, USA
-I will be opening slots for 15 pickups. Pickups are per user, not per plush.
-You have the option of either one or two payments. However, you must pay the price of the plush before I go to Nintendo World. If you really want a pickup but won't be able to pay on time, please PM me and I will try to work something out. You will have up to a week to pay payment two, and I am more lenient about giving extensions on payment two if needed.
-Asking for a slot is committing to a purchase (asking for a quote is just a quote). If you do not pay, you will be left a negative.
-If what you request is out of stock, I will refund you. Please let me know if you order multiple items and want your order canceled if anything is sold out. If you don't specify, I will assume that you want a pickup regardless of if something you requested is sold out.
-Please note that plush at Nintendo World are out in the open to be victims to the hands of evil children. Sometimes it's impossible to find a plushie that doesn't have a bent tag. Please keep this in mind if it bothers you. Generally this isn't a huge problem, but if you're the unlucky buyer that ends up buying the last of that pokedoll in the store, sometimes the tag can be creased.
-Mention if you would like cardboard to protect the tags before paying please!
-First come, first served policy. If a certain number of people reserve the same doll and I do not have enough, then the first orders will get priority.
-I will be taking offers until Sunday, June 15th at 11 PM EST.

Prices before shipping:
Pokedolls: $18

Pokecenter plush: $20
Mega Plush (Blaziken and Mewtwo Y)- $25
Hats: $25
Oversized Pokedolls: $30
1:1 Plush, 12" plush, B/W Kyurem Pokedolls: $55
Tomys: $8 each, buy 4, get 5th free

kenai3000 - various tomys, refer to list
2. altair_420 - mega blaziken plush, mewtwo if not available

Also, if you are bidding in the Goodbye Extras GA, I can offer combined shipping if you win anything and claim a pickup slot. I will also combine anything from my webstore, PokeCenterUSA (which currently has free shipping within the US).

If I don't reply, I left for my graduation ceremony and I'll be back on later today~ Thank you! <3
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