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Oh goody, another new person

xDD Wow
I hope it okay I'm the third to post a hello thread
Anyways Hi! I'm super excited about being a part of this community now c:
I joined Lj just so I could join xDD *fail*
But I'm a super pokenerd
I have been since I was in the first grade
All the cool kids were doing it 8D
anyway Im a sophomore in Highschool now and still love pokemon to DEATH I pretty much only collect plushies now and I know its a pretty out there thing to do but I love most all the pokemon so I'm hoping to one day have a majority of all the pokemon but in plush form YAY!
I used to collect figures though and I still have a couple of my favorite pokemon scattered around my room, but I really need the money for plushies so maybe in the future I'll see if I can figure out this selling thingy and maybe even trades if we can do that c:
ANYWAY enough about me I'm not THAT interesting xDD

not super image heavy but the images are kind of big!

Thats My prettyfull collection
I'm really proud of it so far c: I still have alot of plushies to get but yes! I've actually only been properly collecting plushes for about a year now.

My FAVORITE plushie ever is that eevee right there
My super amazing boyfriend gave me it the first time we met (I'm in a long distance relationship long story xD)
And its so cute and I LOVE eevee it's probably my favorite pokemon <333

Oh and I also love my big kyogre plushie evern though everyone else sits on the poor guy xDD He's probably what started me off on collecting

sorry theyre just so cute
I also love my lil mew although his eyes kind of look a little bootylegish but my boyfriend also gave me that the first time we met so I love him all the same

And I actually got my big fat headed mew the last time my boyfriend was down here visiting xDD

and then theres that american raichu plush that i've had for YEARS when I saw it in K-mart I think it was I freaked out I HAD to have it because raichu I mean c'mon he's the coolest chu evolution otu their

and My cyndaquil plush I love him he so soft no real story behind him though but cyndaquil in my opinion is the best starter EVER

That Flaafy was my grail I think is what its called
I had an ebay WAR with some person to get this and I stayed up till like 3 in the morning (which is saying alot for me because I value my sleep greatly)
I love flaaffy so much and this is the only flaaffy plush out there and I've only seen it for sale twice <3

then snubbull That plushie would be a said grail if I had bought it but I got it for valentines day from my mom when I was like 8 and I've loved it so much he's still in pretty great condition he's nto dirty or anything which is suprising what all he's been through and I'm assuming he's pretty rare I've never seen him before and imo hes the cutest snubbull plushie out there which is sad because i LOVE snubbull <333

OKAY Sorry I didnt give the back story of all my plushes but I really think i've talked enough xDD anyway I'm so excited to be here <333 I hope you guys enjoy my presence :D

I'm not good at ending posts.. lol
Tags: chatot, introductions, latias, lucario, pikachu, plush, raichu, snubbull
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