Fayh (xsylveonx) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some Awesome Gets! (Plus a small collection update)

I received a few awesome gets in the mail these last two weeks and just couldn't resist showing them off when I got the last package today.

First of all, two cute new Amph gets:

The Petit Ampharos and the Pokétime cellphone strap.
The Petit Ampharos is soooooo adorable. I absolutely love it. It's soft and cute and just perfect. I wish I could afford ten of them. XD


Never taking the strap out of its box but it's cute too.


Then I got some Wild Blaze cards from pokemontrader.
The Japanese cards are so cool. I never knew how much better the quality of those cards is!
From now on, I will buy lots of Japanese cards.



Annnd finally: The shiny Lugia Banpresto UFO plush!
I bought this from polahbear and it is super cute. >w< Now I need the non-shiny version too, waaah.

And here is my Lugia collection in all its... glory? Oh well, it's growing slooowly and steadily, haha.
I still got a few things in the mail and can't wait to add them.
As you can see, I need to add AT LEAST one more Electronic Lugia to make the shelves even. XD

I hope you enjoyed my post and have a great day! >w<

I am also constantly updating my collection website at http://welcometoalabastia.weebly.com. Please take a look if you have the chance. <3

Tags: ampharos, charizard, kangaskhan, lugia
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