Kurumi (kurukimi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sitting Takaratomy Leafeon Authenticity check?

Hi Pkmncollectors, I need your oh so very wise help confirming the authenticity / dis..authenticity of a takara tomy leafeon plush I have! Authenticity check done, whew - that was fast. Shout-out to the mad impressive skills from our comm members :')
I've stopped collecting leafeon just a short while ago, but before I did, I had ordered a takara tomy leafeon plush. It didn't come from China and I didn't think it looked suspicious, but a day or two ago I was brushing off my plushes and for some reason.. I feel like this leafeon is a bit off to me. It looks fine to me, no crummy stitching... cute smile on his face, no loose threads at all, paws were just fine.. although I noticed that the factory glued leafeon's front leaf to his head instead of stitching it on - is this normal? Also, I noticed that the takaratomy eeveelutions usually come with two tags (the little white tag that talked about the company or something as well as the big leafeon tag) while mine only came with one - the leafeon tag. It does still have that little blue sticker that comes with a few Japanese tags. But anyways, I'm curious - did I accidentally purchase a bootleg? x-x
photo 5
photo 1
photo 4

aaaand now for his tag shot (the one I'm most worried about) -
photo 3
photo 2

He's actually quite cute, if he does turn out to be a bootleg and I can't sell him, I suppose I'll just keep him and name him 'Boots'. :')
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