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Small gets and sales!!

I wanted to show off some quick gets :D

Pikachu will help me open :)

Tada!! Halloween purrlion! It was a little smaller than I thought but that's ok, still cute ^^ pikachu looks so big compared to it XD they both have this very unique material, idk what it is but I love it!! So soft!

I finally reunited these two, I'm so happy! Now that can be friends forever ^^ the movie made me love them! Plus it had Persian in it!! Bonus~
This is my mini team rocket collection \(^o^)/

And this is my shelf now! It's so colorful <3

ooohhhh look what came in!!
I seriously love pokebox's style! Anyone know what else is made with this? I know of the eeveelution charms

And now sales time!! I got approved I'm so happy! It's not much, but please take a look!
Art not mine*


•Sales permission given by allinia 6/11/14
•My feedback
•I only ship within the United States so sorry, :( shipping is from Mississippi
•I have 2 cats that I let both in and out so beware if you have allergies, although I would think that the fur would be aired out, that's why I mentioned it, my dad is allergic but does ok :)
•My home is smoke free!
•No haggling for now just because I feel like my prices are pretty low, unless I have OBO ^^ but if I ever sell anything expensive in the future, then I will allow it ^^
•all pkmncollectors apply!
•I will do holds as long as needed if committed, because I know how it is!
•I plan to ship flats in an envelope but I will send in a bubble mailer if requested!
• I will only take paypal and concealed cash for orders under  $10, and if that's the case pm me your address so it will stay private!
Pokemon battle revolution $20, I paid $50 for this so over half off!
Woo lucky charms!! Your bad luck will forever be gone! $1 each
Bootleg stickers, cool to put on a 3ds! 25 cents for all on the top and a dollar for the one on the bottom :)
Mega chicken Blaziken and mega zora mewtwo card $2.00
weavile puzzle $2.00
Unofficial Badges $2.00 each cute to put on your purse or bag!

Hottopic medium shirt (boys) $18.50 OBO I only wore it once, my mom is lame and won't let me wear it in public so please give this shirt all the glory it deserves :((((((((

i hope I one day to do a group buy, maybe for chuppa figures, so if I find a lot I'll let you know ^^

last post for for the month! And with that I leave you this:
Ohh iwata-kun <3 *faints*
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