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Seeking Charizard Pokemon Time + Trades

I am in the process of arranging and weeding my collection at the moment. One of the collections I really want to complete is my charazard pokemon time line. I don't even know if I am fully aware of all the merch they got, so if you have ANY of the CPT stuff for sale I would LOVE to see.

I especially want the vinyl figurine seen here

But I am seeking anything I don't have.

I have been very torn about selling off the items I have weeded from my collection, shipping is just insane in this country and I feel terrible charging others so much. So I am seeking people who would like to trade items with me, hopefully for items of similar value.

* I have sales/trade permission from entirelycliched 11/11/12
Note: I don't have images of everything, please look at the written list for more

Pokemon XY Super Music Collection - Complete with all discs in very good condition and the pamphlet with Kalos/game info it came with
Eevee Shopro UFO bag
Jolteon Banpresto UFO
Pokemon Game Art post card set, opened but very good condition, everything is there
Eeveelution cookie tin - No cookies
Froakie Zukan
Sylveon Mini pokemon center plush MWT
Sylveon Tomy European tag plush MWT
Vaporeon Mini pokemon center plush MWT
Pokemon Black 2 commemorative coin in packaging - case has some cracks due to store carelessness
Amphoros Pokemon time jewelled tin
Mew Pokemon time jewelled tin
Oshawott Tomy figure
Rayquaza pokemon time phone decal sticker

I may also accept trades in exchange for other items on my WANTS LIST
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