Leafy (leafyoddish98) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Reintroduction and Collection Update!

Hello fellow collectors!

First, the reintroduction: My name is Leafy, and I'm an almost 16 San Diegian. I've been a member of PKMNCollectors for...5 years!? o.o Well, I haven't been active the entire time do to school, the finical constraints of having an allowance etc, but it's still been a long time. Now that I've gotten my own paypal and bank account, I've become a lot more active on the community, and so my collection has grown!

As the name implies, my favorite pokemon is oddish! I've been a fan of the little cutie since about the 3rd grader, when my mom bought me the oddish jakks plush. Over time, I've grown to also love Seedot, another little grass cutie, the Solosis line, especially Duosion, and now the Goomy line as well. Since I've been hardcore collecting oddish for several months, my oddish collection has grown exponentially:

Collection 061214 003
Here is my oddish wall! It's getting a little squished, but hopefully you can see it all.
Collection 061214 006
The top self is for all plush except for the jakks plush, who lives on my bed. I currently have all the official oddish plush, except for a croquet kit which I've never seen for sale. You can also see some metal figures and a lovely box made by the amazing akeyma for the Spring Swap.
Collection 061214 007
Here's the bottom shelf! It's for models, marbles, straps etc. One of my favorite pieces is this wind up Pokeball with oddish and pikachu.
Collection 061214 008
Now, here's my very first oddish plush:
Collection 061214 012
A little dirty and beat up from spending a ton of time at school and the park. She's very well loved. xD

Collection 061214 010
Collection 061214 009

Now, a quick wants list:
Oddish Metal Figures and Mini Models-All colors I do not have.
Oddish pokemon Time Bookmark-The one with the big oddish
Oddish Croquet Kit
Solosis Reutsuden Stamp
Oddish plushplush-GRAILLL
All oddish items I do not already have.

Thanks everyone, you're all awesome! <3 <3
Tags: oddish, seedot, solosis, wants
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