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Mega Gardevoir

More merchandise arrived! Mostly Gardevoir-related~

Hey everyone!

I just got a new package of merchandise straight from Japan, and I wanted to share it with you all :D
Here's a picture of all the merchandise I got today; there's more close-up photos under the cut!~

This first picture features the two clear file folders of Mega Gardevoir and Mega Mawile, my ffavourite Mega Evolutions.

In-between the two are two straps, each have a key with the Mega Stone pattern and a small portrait of the pokémon! :)

This next image features two badges from the Kalos region;
The Fairy-badge from Valerie and the Psychic-badge from Olympia!

Also another set of Mega Gardevoir charms;
I already own a set like this, but I wanted to actually use them!
And I’d feel bad if the only set I owned got scratched or lost somehow…

And the left-most items are a bookmark and a train pass case featuring Serena and Fennekin (who has an adorable scarf around it's head x3)

This photo features two special necklaces, one of Mega Gardevoir and one of Mega Mawile.
The necklace has the respective Mega Stone pattern and a card with artwork of that pokémon.
These boxes are pretty heavy and big for what’s inside, they seem to be pretty great quality!

And last but not least is a photo of a couple of figures and a cute coin pouch!

The figure on the left is one of Serena, you can pose it as well! It comes with a small companion figure of Fennekin!

The Gardevoir figure in the middle is really cool! I actually got two of them so I could open it and put it on my desk!
(the figure can be posed to an extent as well, rotating the upper body and arms etc.)

And finally a neat coin pouch with a portrait of Mega Gardevoir on the front, and Mega Lucarion on the back!

Close-up photo of the Gardevoir figure!~

I love this batch, mainly because it has a lot of Gardevoir and Mawile~~~ :3c
You can see individual posts of this batch on my tumblr!

- Mega Gardevoir

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