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Lots of gets - Grumpig collection grows!

Hello! I should have written a gets post long ago, but I kept saying "I'll post it tomorrow", "I'll post it tomorrow", and there you have me two weeks after I said that for the first time.
Lots of blue, green, and purple under the cut!

First of all, before I joined the community I found white_chocobo's sales post, in which I spotted a Grumpig zukan piece. I contacted him about the figure but my privacy settings didn't allow him to answer, but fortunately he recognized me when I joined the comm and he agreeded to sell to me.
I got a Sean TFG figure from him, which I believe is the first human in my Pokémon collection, and also my first TFG figure:
2014-06-13 15.52.31 OBJECTION!

I also got the Grumpig zukan piece, of course!! Oh man, he is so tiny and adorable ;w;  I didn't expect him to have that level of detail to be so small, but it looks like he got lucky and his paint job is great! Now I only need to make him a base, and he'll look perfect `v´
2014-05-28 13.41.58

Next, we've got another 'pig - an Amada sticker from caffwin! I thought Grumpig only had one of these stickers, but I'm glad I wasn't right because I had never seen the artwork on this one before and it looks very cool:
2014-06-13 15.59.17

After that, I got a set of the four XY starters's line + Pancham/goro zukans that I split with my friends. I can't show the other three as I didn't take them out of their bubble wrap, but as I kept the Chespin line, there you have it:
2014-06-05 13.44.312014-06-05 13.44.13
First of all, Chespin is sooooo small! I love his angry face, he looks so innocent even with that frown. I call him Green Atom because he isn't much bigger than that :B
As for the rest of the zukan, the poses look wonderful and I like the Pokéball base, although as I'm afraid that happens with the newest zukans, the paint job isn't the best. Chespin looks great, Quilladin has a couple of small mistakes, but Chesnaught's shell and tail is a mess, which is weird - the small figures look better painted than the larger for some reason? Nonetheless, I really like how the line looks all together.

fluna_daiyunel kept the Fennekin line, which she traded to me for this Lucario figure that was in my wants list:
2014-06-13 15.31.19
This one has got a bit of story behind it: when I went to my first manga con back in 2008, I spotted a gashapon machine with figures of the eighth movie. As I loooved Lucario, I put my last euros in it in hopes I would get the Lucario, but unfortunately I got a Regirock. As I had no money left, I didn't have more chances to try a second time and I never saw a machine like that again, but luckily Fluna had a Lucario from it that she didn't want. Thanks a lot!! ;v;

I also got another Lucario from my wants list and a story behind it - the PokéDoll!
Back when the American Pokémon Center website still worked (around 2007 I believe), I found out about these small, chibi-looking plushies called PokéDolls - and they were so cute! I entered the website almost every day just to check out what they had, and I always looked at the Lucario PokéDoll since at the time there wasn't too much merch of him. One day I asked my father if I could buy him, but as neither of us understood English or how to pay through the Internet, we weren't able to get one. Soon after that, the website closed. My father told me that he'd get one for my birthday, but we could only find a Riolu on eBay, which I ended up getting as my first PokéDoll. I was super happy when I received her! But even after that, I still wanted to get a Lucario, until I found sorjei's sales! Needless to say, I got him immediately :)  As soon as he got home, I remembered how I felt when I got my Riolu and I was so happy to have the PokéDoll I had wanted so much when I was younger.

Moving on!
I participated in a huuuuge GA hosted by midnitekitten17 and got the following:
2014-06-06 14.03.11
Latios PokéDoll!! Eeeeee!!! :D  I've seen lots of these in other people's collections but I thought I'd never get one as they usually are painfully expensive, but I got lucky and now I've got him! He is so cute, photos don't do justice to his sweet face and rounded body ;u;  I also got a TFG Kyogre figure and his details look amazing, I hope I can get a Groudon to match him soon. Together with these two I also got an Aron keychain! I wish he had a plush, I adore the Aron line.
(Fun fact: although Hoenn is my favourite region, Latios is my first Hoenn plush!)

I bid on an eBay auction for some XY Kids a month ago but unfortunately I lost Vivillon, so I tried again and got one!
2014-06-09 13.53.372014-06-09 13.54.51
Vivillon is my second favourite Kalos 'mon (first one being Hawlucha) and this is my first merchandise of him! I hope a Vivillon collection gets announced soon, Vivillon's multiple patterns have so much potential as merchandising. I love our Marine Vivillons and I wouldn't mind having a plush or a figure of one!

Some days after that, I got a package full of plushies from polahbear in which I got these two:
2014-06-09 14.13.57
The Mudkip was for a friend, but Treecko is mine - I think this is one of the few plushies in which he doesn't look weird (I get that he's hard to capture in plush form :P )
Funnily enough, I received these just two days after their mega evolutions were revealed! I can't wait to see if Mega Sceptile gets some merchandise, he looks so badass~

AND FINALLY, what I got today!
I joined the Pokepalooza GA that was hosted by godudette and got some stuff for my collection~~
2014-06-13 18.02.452014-06-13 18.00.50
Deoxys Speed PokéDoll! Deoxys is my favourite legendary, so I went for this one as soon as I saw it in the GA. I love how huge his head looks compared to his tiny body and arms!

I also got a Kyogre keychain that wouldn't mind having a Groudon keichain keeping him company :P  He's actually pretty big for a keychain, and I love the blue on his body:
2014-06-13 13.37.06

And this Sandile is for a friend, but I couldn't resist this pose:
2014-06-13 13.34.44

And last, but not least... the last Grumpig figure I needed - the "Full Color" dex figure!!
2014-06-13 13.36.54
He's larger than I had imagined and I really like the sculpting and painting! I love how he's hiding a smile below that grumpy expression :P
With this, I only need to collect his flats. Unless toy companies decide to release more figures for OR/AS... or who knows... maybe even a plush?! (that sounds too good to be true)

That is all! Thanks for reading~
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