Leanne (pandaeatworld) wrote in pkmncollectors,

PokéPlethora GA! Payment 1 now due

Hi guys! I'll keep this all behind cuts as it only involves a couple of members!

This post concerns: pandaeatworld, schenzi, opossumpanda,vulpeslagopus, girlwith0neye, jen81489, meloman1a, haepbrosonearth, thepapayafruit

See, we won and stuff! :)

Payment 1 is due now please, any payments not received in 24hrs will be chased up and any not received within 48hrs without contact will result in negatives I'm afraid :( Please let us know if there are any issues!

Spreadsheet here with totals!

Send to: kuja_hippo@hotmail.com

Label your payments as: Username - Pokeplethora GA - Payment 1

Please pay the column marked Payment 1 and comment on this post to let me know you've paid, and the country you're wanting your items shipped to so that we can give you an accurate Payment 2.

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