bacentrekkes (bacentrekkes) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Items have been shipped out and question

So far all items that everyone has paid from this thread have been mailed out->

Most (Within the US) were shipped out early this week, while three that were outside the US have been shipped out today. And after I go back through and get everyone's names again I'll be leaving feedback for you later tonight

And anyone else from the original thread who hasn't gotten in contact with me after I messaged them each personally, your items will be re-auctioned after the end of the month. So just a heads up for you guys

And on another note, I have about 200+ extra pokemon swing charms still (A majority of which are all Gen 1's), and I was wondering if I should just sell them together as a massive lot (Among other items I have that are taking up space like pokemon kids, battrio/tretta/Tomy figures/still sealed card booster packs/300+ TCG Online codes/some plushies) on ebay or just make a few smaller sales posts. I'm somewhat leaning to just making one massive lot to sell on Ebay, then perhaps someone here doing a GA or something with it if it had enough interesting stuff? I dunno.

What do you guys think?
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