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Pokedoll auctions + sales

Hello, I have a few poke dolls to sell via auction!

Also my TCG sales can be found here (TCG sales already include PP fees and shipping)

granted sales permission on 3/17/2013 by allinia
- All pkmncollectors Rules apply
-My feedback
- I only except paypal as payment USD only
- I do live with a shitzu (dog), plush are kept away from her in bags or boxes. Please be aware the boxes and bags are in the same room as the dog. I do my best to keep the hairs away!
-I ship from Canada Please ask for a quote if you want know about shipping (standard is about $8-10)
-Auctions close next Friday 3 p.m. EST ^^

-Lickilicky is minky great condition
-Turtiwig is minky great condition
-Munchlax is Vebola slightly loved
-All were received from Japan :)
-All pokedolls have tush tags, no hang tags
-Lickilicky has a stained tush tag, others do not
Tags: lickilicky, munchlax, pokedolls, turtwig
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