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Quick Gets + Sales

I just got a box recently and wanted to highlight some of my more interesting gets I've gotten since my last post.

BUT FIRST! Anyone plan on going to the Tohoku Center during the Lucario festival? They'll be giving out a shopper. I need that shopper. It has the whole Riolu line on it. ;-;

I don't know if anyone remembers from my collection post where I said I needed two items to complete the Yokohama Promotion? Here's one of them!

It's the shopper! I bought this along with the Lucario shopper (see that story down below). Two birds with one stone. Still need the pencil board.

Something else I mentioned in that post was that I needed confirmation of another Riolu dice as I had a memory of seeing a picture but didn't save it and was having trouble finding it again thus starting to think I imagined it. Look!

I found it! Exactly as I remembered. I now have two Riolu dice. Are there anymore? Anyone know?

Happy Family Project! This was a super high want for me. At one point I thought I had it, and then it turned out I didn't. So the second time I thought I had it I had already prepared for the worse. Then FromJapan had marked it as arrived. Much rejoicing.

This PMD Mechanical Pencil. I didn't know it as the time when I bought but this pencil actually changes pokemon when you click it! It cycles through 4 pokemon in each little "window".

A drawer case featuring Riolu. It's so cute. This will be great for my display. It can house extra items and I can stack stuff on it.

This actually came in a lot of 6. Here's the other ones.
Drawer Cases
I'm not sure what I want to do with them yet. I'd love to keep the set together but at the same time they'll most likely just stay in boxes.

Another tin. This is the third tin I have that features Riolu. I know I'm missing at least two.

I managed to win this at a great price seeing as how the seller ended the auction early for whatever reason.
On that note, I'm looking to buy the recent Summer Festival Tin that features Riolu with or without cookies (or whatever came in it). I will buy it or I will trade/partial a tin that I recently won (see the sales post).

This....thing? The seller called them marbles which they are obviously not lol. I didn't realize until I took the rest out the pack to see who was all included (which is Buneary, Pikachu, Shaymin, Skymin, Glaceon, Leafeon, Piplup, Chimchar, Turtwig, Pachirisu, and maybe a couple more I can't remember) that you can pull the plastic off the back of them and stick them somewhere.

As the bridge between Riolu & Lucario here's a puzzle featuring both of them!

I've been wanting this puzzle for a minute. Just had to wait for the right price.

Kicking off Lucario is the glorious shopper bag I've been searching for. There's a very great story as to how I got this. I noticed a seller was constantly using shopper bags as backgrounds for their items. At one point they even listed some of these bags for sale. I had been waiting for them to do that again in hopes of Lucario or Riolu but they never did. I eventually just straight up asked them if they had the Riolu or Lucario bag and offered to buy it. They said they didn't have Riolu but had Lucario and listed him for me. They also listed several other bags including the Yokohama I needed. <3

Second, I found another clear Lucario kid. This puts my count at three that I own and four that I know of. I wonder how many he has. This ones a little beat up but that's ok. ^^

Rounding off Lucario (and this post) are my most recent dice gets.

This puts me at 5/6 known dice. The last one I know of is a very pretty red color.

You can see the rest of the items as well as alternate angles on my website.

Just revamped my sales post. Also finished out my Lucario collection weeding so there's some of his stuff there as well.

If anyone has this shopper or anything on my wishlist for sale please let me know!

Lastly, I want to buy some Riolu Amandas. I only have one and that's a little sad lol.
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