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New Zukan Sales

Hi people... Finally!! i was granted with sales permission xD!! So this is my first sales post and these are my figures that need to find a new home. Let's check them :D

Sales permission granted on 06/1072014 by allinia

my feedback page http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/zukadex330/

General Info

All PkmnCollectors comm rules apply (for buyers specially)
Prices don't include shipping cost or paypal fees
First person commited gets the item
I can hold to commited person for 24 hours
If you make a quote, please confirm if you want the item or not after my response
Back out for items is not allowed. Buyers who backout will be banned

Shipping Info

I ship internationally
I ship from Peru. Shipping cost would be according to the weight of package and the continent it is sent.
I can combine items.
Tracking number is available for additional $3.25
Bubble wrapper or another shipping material would be for free
I'm not responsable for items lost in transit, i can send a pic of the shipping receipt if required.

Payment Info

Prices are in USD
I accept Paypal only
Payment should be within the following 24 hours after commitment
I accept trades from my want list, but they would be fair according to the value of the items. In case they would have different values, they could be used as partial payment

This is my want list http://zukadex330.livejournal.com/988.html


Mew GSC2 MIP $30

Kangaskhan GSC4 MIP $20

Aipom GSC4 $5

Dodrio RSE1 $19 / Loppuny DP3 $9 / Raikou $12

Ninetales RSE8 $175

Victini Scraggy-1Victini MIP
Victini + Scraggy $8


Magneton $4 / Solrock $7 / Dustox $7 / Sandshrew $10 / Jumpluff $5 / Duskull, Dusclops $14

I have some bases (brown, green and blue) for sale too... feel free to ask about bases and pegs for some special line you're looking for

Thank You :D
Tags: aipom, buneary, cradily, doduo, dusclops, dustox, grumpig, kangaskhan, magneton, mew, ninetales, sales, sandshrew, scraggy, sigilyph, solrock, tepig, victini, zukan
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