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First sales! Auctions: Blind packaged metal badges! Sylveon Birthday item and more Sylveon!

Hello all! I'm quite excited because I got approved for sales permission earlier this week! Yay! That means I have some exciting items up for auction for you all today! Double yay!

Banner and art by me!

Granted sales permission on June 10th, 2014 by allinia. My feedback page can be found Here

Auction policies!:

  1. All pkmncollectors rules apply.

  2. I ship from Japan and ship worldwide!

  3. Standard shipping method is via SAL and does not include tracking/insurance

  4. Prices are in USD and do not include shipping and fees unless stated otherwise

  5. Only accepted form of payment is PayPal

  6. Items come from a smoke-free pet-free home

  7. I do not accept trades

  8. Minimum bid increase is $1

  9. When placing a bid, please respond to the previous bidder to ensure that your bid is valid

  10. Payment for auctions is due within 24 hours after the auctions end

  11. Payment plans for orders over $100 can be discussed beforehand depending on your feedback record with the community

  12. Do not delete bid comments

  13. Backing out of bids/sales is against the community rules and will result in appropriate feedback

  14. I can't issue refunds/replacements for lost or damaged goods in mail

Some of you may have seen in my last post that I was at the Pokemon Center this past weekend trying to get some blind packaged metal badges that were released in the gashapon machines last weekend. I was EXTREMELY lucky with one badge, but I wasn't so lucky with the others, so I have a selected set of extras up for auction today!

For those unfamiliar, these came out on the 7th as a part of the Japanese Design promotion. They were extremely popular amongst the local Japanese buyers at the Pokemon Center and sold out that weekend. After selling out opening weekend, I know they restocked them once, but I'm not sure if they have plans to restock again. I suspect these will grow quite rare over the years being the beautiful badges that they are with such a classic design.

Here's the full line up for both sets:

All auctions end on: Friday June 20th Midnight EST/9pm PST Countdown

Pin badges:
Front row: Legendary birds start at $10
Ghastly starts at $10
Honedge starts at $10

Middle row: Charizard starts at $8
Blastoise starts at $8

Back row: Magneton starts at $5
Fletchling starts at $5

Photo 2014-06-15 3 00 21
Ho-Oh starts at $10
Combee starts at $10

Sylveon items!:
Photo 2014-06-13 23 05 49 (1)
Birthday Crown featuring Sylveon in the middle! Starts at: $10!
*Curved but not creased or damaged. Can be shipped flat in a very large box protected to the bottom, or shipped in a thin box gently folded but not creased.

Photo 2014-05-18 15 23 05
Super soft full size Sylveon bath towel ft. all the Eeveelutions in the background! Starts at: $40!

Super soft Sylveon hand towel! Starts at: $15!

Sylveon lunch tote bag Starts at: $15!

Photo 2014-05-18 15 09 55
Sylveon wrist band Starts at $10!

Thank you for looking! Hope I did this right ^^;
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