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Sales, gets and a couple wants

Hi everybody!
It's been awhile, but I have a couple gets from the last week :D

These are the best tomys EVER!!! I immediately bought them when I found out about them, but later I saw pictures that showed honedge differently than the stock picture. Honedge comes out of the scabbard!!! :D I was showing everybody when I got it, it's just so cool! And klefki's keys are loose and it's so cute! Anyway, best tomys! They really outdid themselves and I am expecting an awesome doublade later on!

And this little cutie is from a seller on etsy and it was bigger than I thought it was going to be. Breloom is seriously lacking in the merch department and I hope the remakes fix that :D

I am super excited for the news from Sapphire and Ruby, I finally have a mega I want to hardcore collect!

Mega Diance!!! Totally unexpected, but I love,love,love this mega! I don't know how they're going to do it in plush or figure form, but I want a good sized collection of this. XD I already liked diancie, but this makes it even awesomer! <3
What mega are you going to collect? Is it related to a pokemon you already collect or are you just collecting the mega?

Also anybody know where I could get this poster?!

and if anyone is buying the movie xerneas/yveltal plamos I would love to buy the diancie that comes with it from you

I also updated my sales! Lots of new charms, figures and I lowered some prices :)
Tags: breloom, diancie, klefki, sales
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