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Looking for plush makers willing to take on a Zigzagoon sized task! And glittering stickers!


This plush is something I want to commission in two weeks to a month from now, but I'd like to begin the talks/planning now. :)

So, I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I really, really want a Zigzagoon plush the size of a build a bear. I want her sitting up like in her zukan or like this picture:


I'm not sure if I want her with material similar to the red panda build a bear, or just more of a standard plush fabric. That's something I want to talk with the plush maker about. I'm also debating doing a shiny Zigzagoon instead of a normal one, but am leaning toward the normal as my OC normal Ziggy is a female, and my OC shiny is a male.

Anyway, like I said before, I want her the size of a build a bear, because... honestly (and this is a bit embarrassing to admit xD; ) I want to have an excuse to buy those super adorable build a bear outfits and dress Ziggy up in them when I bring her to conventions! I have the red panda BaB, but since she doesn't sit up, I feel like putting cute little dresses on her wouldn't show as much, but I do give her cute little bows. <3

So, I'd like to get to see my options and talk to plush makers about pricing, material options, and things like that. Please send a message or comment here. :)

And, now, sparkly stickers of awesome!!! Lots of mega evolutions!


I got sales permission from dakajojo on 12/04/11
I ship from Janesville, WI
Shipping(Including fees and such) starts at $1 domestic (for an envelope) and $2.50 for padded envelope, international varies. (Base is $2 international for basic envelope, $7 for padded envelope)
Paypal Only, NO e-checks.
I am okay with haggling as long as it's within reason! I am more likely to haggle if you're buying a lot.
I may consider trades, but I'd prefer cash!
I also have a cat!
Link to my feedback here!

Most of the stickers, I have two of. These stickers are glittery and awesome!!!

Starters and Mega evos - $1.25 each


Others - $1 each


Please also check out my other sticker sales!
Trozei here and about 700 stickers here!
Special time sale! All stickers that are $2 and under in my 700+ sticker thread are only $1!

Tags: blastoise, charizard, chespin, fennekin, froakie, mewtwo, sales, venusaur
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