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"You're an artist and awkward is your medium."

AWA haul + packages recieved!

I just got back from Anime Weekend Atlanta last night so I've come back with pictures of my little pokemon haul. :D

Picked up a big Darkrai UFO catcher (with little ladylegs too!), darkrai screen-cleaner charm for my DS, Shaymin friends plush, charmander, squirtle, and bulbsaur buttons from kiriska's table, Movie 11 gummies (which I'd already gotten into and eaten by this point) aand I think that's all. My roommate invader_julie bought a ton of plush and kids figures as well, so I'm sure she'll take pictures later too.

I also got packages today from papersnow, and from happyjolteon today. Thanks guys! I haven't gotten around to taking photos of the other stuff from today, but here's what I got from happyjolteon:
Oh my God I love that bowl. :D I'm gonna make jello tonight or something. Also yay houndoom pan sticker. When I get the last few packages I'm expecting right now I'll do a 'dooms/dours collection update. :D

And lastly, since I was talking about AWA...


There are loads more if anyone wants to see them. We made a public photobucket (with a ridiculous name to boot) for all of our group's con photos:
All of the ones that have been uploaded so far are here

Tags: darkrai, giratina, plush
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