neutralemotions (neutralemotions) wrote in pkmncollectors,

grail gets + wants~

I haven't posted much lately, so I thought I would share some of my most recent gets, including a plush that I was super excited to finally get a hold of...

After searching for awhile and missing out on this plush twice, I finally got the laying tomy glaceon plush!

it came along with leafeon as well! I'm not sure what to do with her, as I don't collect leafeon. She is super cute though!

I also managed to get the shiny gyarados! I won him for a super low price, but unfortunately he has a few tiny spots where the paint has rubbed off, and there is a chip on one of the fins on his face D: I'm not sure whether i should try fixing him, or if it would be better to leave him as he is :/

I also got a few other shiny pokemon for my collection! I'm super happy to have the chikorita, I had the normal version of this figure as a kid and it was one of my favorite pokemon figures :D

I'm also hoping someone could help me get a huge want of mine! I'm looking for the Shiny bulbasaur and ivysaur kid figures!
I already have the venusaur, so i'm hoping to get the other evolutions I am missing! I'm interested in other shiny kid figures that I'm missing as well :3

Thanks for looking~
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